Maintaining health and fitness is one of the most common problems for the beginners of the gym centers. Most of the people tends to fall off the track once in a while. That’s why every fitness enthusiastic need an expert advice in order to remain motivated and maintain his/her health and fitness routine. Leading a lifestyle that spells good health is a combination of different factors that include exercise and eating right.
Following are the most important tips for the beginners. It will keep them motivated to create and maintain best health and fitness habits

1: A great way to focus your time on the things you value, such as to maintain your health and fitness is to create a list of everything you have to do .
2: Extra bodyweight even in the form of muscles is not necessarily healthy in the long run.
3: Remember that nobody in the gym is judging you. Everyone in the gym is too focused in solving hi own health and fitness problems.
4: If you don’t understand something, ask somebody who does
5: Follow your diet plans and personal trainer advice
6: Result don’t happen overnight. Workout for your health and fitness slowly but regularly and stop looking for shortcuts
7:Don’t be embarrassed to log your progress and take photos of yourself. It will help you so much.
8: What you see in the mirror is not what everyone else sees. You are by far your own worst critic.
9: The most important thing that help you in maintain your own health and fitness is that you have to pave your own path because the things that work for someone else might not work for you